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My name is Nina Raff, your not-so-average mentor from the windy city of Chicago! With 14 years of teaching under my belt, I am not just about the ABC's and 123's. The secret sauce? I turn learning into a fun journey, celebrating mistakes, mastering math concepts, developing reading and writing skills and even prepping students for the real work with public speaking skills that can take them into acing their dream interviews!

Forget the snooze-worthy tutoring sessions; The amazing RaffAMatics team of elite educators love to spice things up by enforcing positive habit changes and sprinkling heaps of self-confidence allowing each and every student to believe in themselves that much more after each session. Raff-A+Matics is not just another tutoring company... We pride ourselves as being mentors which intern will help change our society and its future for the better.

Ready for an educational program where learning meets laughter and fun? Join us , where each lesson is a ticket to academic stardom. 

Teaching Credentials
Loyola University Graduate 
Bachelors in Education a
nd Mathematics 
t in private and inner city Schools of Chicago 
Curriculum Developer 

Prior Business Experiences
Internal Operations Analyst for a Consulting Firm 
Project Manager

Artificial Intelligence 
Customer Service 

Additional Skills
Excel, Word, PowerPoint
Data Analysis 
Google Documents 
Conflict Resolution 

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